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Branding has received increasing awareness and importance in recent years, in which enterprise spokesperson has been playing a vital role. In many foreign companies, business managers and directors take the responsibility as company spokesperson, and a well-trained spokesperson can bring great brand value and business profit. But at the same time, we also see PR crisis caused by improper wording or announcements by the very same group.

Spokesperson is a crucial screw in PR regardless of business size. It is a profession that needs expertise and techniques.

However, many enterprises have never trained their managers or directors as a professional spokesperson. In a mobile era, an un-trained spokesperson can easily trigger PR crisis, causing great damage to company brand and his/her personal brand.

Course Overview

1. The Necessity of Spokesperson in Branding

1.1 The Image and Content of Brand

1.2 The Unified Voice to Media

1.3 The Representative to Investors

2. Spokesperson in Foreign Business

3. Spokespersons' Standards in Foreign Business

4. Benefits and Risks Spokesperson Brings

4.1 Spokespersons who Brought Great Profit

4.2 Spokespersons who Caused Value Slump

4.3 Qualified Spokesperson for Foreign Business

5. Spokespersons' Duties

5.1 Media Relations

5.2 Government Relations

5.3 Business Partner Relations

5.4 Investors Relations

5.5 Consumers Relations

6. Necessary Techniques for Spokesperson

6.1 Announcement Techniques: Learn and Practice

6.2 Announcement in Various Scenarios

6.3 What Can be in an Announcement?

6.4 What Can't be in an Announcement?

6.5 PR Crisis: Public Opinion and Business Crisis by Spokesperson's Mistakes

7. Spokesperson Announcement Management by PR Department

7.1 Key Messages

7.2 Speech Management

7.3 Media Info Management

7.4 Crisis Precaution and Practice

8. PR Department Helps Spokesperson Build Personal Brand

8.1 The Unique Working Environment and Taboos for Spokesperson in Foreign Business

8.2 Obey Unified Branding and Messaging Requirements

8.3 Key Message

8.4 Well-arranged Preparation

8.5 Common Methods for Professionals to Build Brand

8.6 Personal Charisma is the Best Branding

8.7 Embed Personality into Delivery

9. Necessary Techniques for Spokesperson Facing Media

9.1 Common Media Scenarios

9.2 Common Media Inquires

9.3 Which Media Inquires are Traps?

9.4 Traps in Online Forums

10. Etiquette Tips in Public Occasions

10.1 How to Write a Business CV

10.2 How to Shoot a Business Photo

10.3 How to Present a Good-looking Business Card

10.4 How to Dress Properly

11. DO's and DON'Ts for Spokespersons

The training will be in Chinese. Please be noted that the PowerPoint will NOT be shared among trainees.

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  2. PR Series: Understand Public Opinion from Media and Branding Strategies (August 23)
  3. PR Series: Speaker in Making - A Fine Entrepreneur Image as Invisible Asset (August 30)
  4. Ten Lessons Learned in Event: Expertise and Techniques in Event Campaigns (September 13)
  5. Ten Lessons Learned in Crisis PR: From Diagnosis to Therapy (September 14)
  6. Aesthetic in Business: Graphic Design at Enterprise Level (October)


8:45 AM

15 mins


9 AM

180 mins

Morning Session

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120 mins

Lunch Break

2 PM

5:30 PM

Afternoon Session



Employee of Member Company

Please register and pay by August 27, 2018. The price covers one-day training only.

RMB 1,950

Please register and pay by August 27, 2018. The price covers one-day training only.

RMB 2,300

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