Now in its second year, the TECC (Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/conference) is Tianjin's leading chamber-organized environmental program. TECC is comprised of two segments – the CSR Challenge and the CSR Conference.

The TECC challenge is a platform for regional businesses to advance their corporate social responsibility policies and practices. Participants will work together on environmentally-themed CSR activities, and will have the chance to educate others about their existing policies.

The TECC Conference will offer policy briefings and workshops to assist participants in updating their knowledge and practices to meet current environmental requirements.

Conference Agenda

3:15-4:00 PM Workshop -- Policy Trends and Industrial Opportunities of Green Supply Chain:

Overview on policy framework and development trend of green supply chain in the region, as well as potential opportunities for industry including but not limited to balanced environmental and economic performance improvement of supply chain, technology and financial innovation introduction, market share expansion, brand reputation promotion

Speaker - Mu Lingling, GM of APEC Corporation Network on Green Supply Chain Tianjin Pilot Center

4:00-5:30 PM Policy Interpretation and Discussion:2018 Winter Pollution Battle

  • Tianjin City's 8 Point Pollution Battle Plan
  • Tianjin City Air Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Case Study of the MEE 2018-19 Blue Sky Battle - Key Points for the JJJ Region and Surrounding Areas, and Progress Overview to Date

Host - Geraint Feng Deputy Head of Clean-tech Transfer TEDA Ecocenter

Panelists - District Government

Representatives from Companies in Attendance

5:30-6:30 PM Challenge Award Ceremony

  • Presentations and awards for challenge participant companies
  • Establishment ceremony for formation of EHS working group under the environmental committee in partnership with TEDA Eco-center

6:30-8:00 PM TECC VIP Dinner (Invited guests and sponsors only)

Roundtable format with representatives from challenger companies, sponsors, speakers, and government partners

The Challenge

This year's theme is 'Renewing our Air, Land, and Water'. Challenger companies are asked to organize a week-long activity that will result in an improvement to the air, land, or water in their geographic area of operations. They will take a pre-activity benchmark of an environmental indicator in one of these three areas. They will then implement their plan over a week-long period. At the end of the week, they will take a new benchmark, and measure the effectiveness of their initiative. The results will be presented on the day of the TECC conference and awards. If you want to join the challenge, please contact Amanda He at amandahe@amchamchina.org or 022-23185072

Challenge Guidelines and process

All steps of the Challenge must be completed by Nov 1

Results and presentation to be submitted to the Amcham Tianjin Environmental and Sustainability Committee before the Awards on Nov.9th

The Challenge Process:

  • Choose a focus area for the challenge
  • Submit this proposal to the environmental and sustainability committee for approval
  • Create challenge action plan
  • Benchmark Period: 1 week (5 business days): Challengers will create a set of benchmark readings of the targeted area for improvement (for example energy consumption, or water usage, or atmospheric emissions)
  • Begin implementation of Challenge program
  • Challenge Period: 1 week (5 business days): Challengers will implement their plan, and measure the results throughout
  • Aggregation of Challenge Results and Data
  • Create Presentation
  • Presentation of process and results during the TECC Awards


TECC Christening Sponsorship -- RMB 15,000

  • Naming rights for the TECC 2018 Challenge Program (ex: The TECC 2018 A and Co. Challenge)
  • Speech by the representative of the sponsor at the awarding ceremony
  • One Slot as a TECC Challenger
  • 4 Tickets for the TECC Conference, and 4 Seats at the TECC VIP Dinner TECC
  • Company logo will be displayed on the event posters and advertisements
  • Company name and logo will be shown in the post event write ups and magazines

TECC Challenger Sponsor -- RMB 2,000

  • One Slot as a TECC Challenger
  • 2 tickets to the TECC Conference and 2 tickets to the TECC VIP dinner TECC
  • Company logo will be displayed on the event posters and advertisements
  • Company name and logo will be shown in the post event write ups and magazines

Individual Ticket to attend the TECC Conference:

Cardholding members and member company's employees: RMB 280

Non-members: RMB 380


Intercontinental Hotel, Yujiapu, Binhai New Area, Tianjin


For detailed information on sponsorship, please e-mail us or call:

Amanda He

AmCham China, Tianjin