WEBINAR: How Manufacturing Execution System (MES) helps factories become intelligent

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Microsoft Teams Webinar
Tianjin, China
Wednesday, Apr 8th (2 PM - 3:30 PM)

药品(医疗器械)审批程序中:对药监部门的适当性审查及应对方式解析 | 在线培训#1

Legality Examination and Response to Administrative Acts in Drug (Medical Device) Registration Applications(CN)

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Online Training 在线培训
Wednesday, Apr 8th (2 PM - 4 PM)
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Readout | Response from CBIRC on the Phase-One Trade Deal and Long-Standing Issues (CN)


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Online via Microsoft Teams
Chaoyang District, China
Wednesday, Apr 8th (4 PM - 5:30 PM)

WEBINAR: Addressing Legal Challenges in Digital Transformation

Co-organized by AmCham China, Microsoft, and Zhonglun Law Firm

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Microsoft Teams
Beijing, China
Thursday, Apr 9th (3 PM - 5 PM)

WEBINAR: Impact of the New Annual Tax Reconciliation Regulations

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Microsoft TEAMS Webinar
Friday, Apr 10th (2 PM - 3:30 PM)