WEBINAR: Mercer Insights on Compensation and Benefit Trends for International School Talents in China and Across Asia

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Online Event
Chaoyang District, China
Tomorrow (2:25 PM - 4 PM)
Online event through Microsoft Teams

Webinar on the Impact of COVID-19 on Foreign Businesses in China

Hear from AmCham China leaders and learn about the latest Flash Survey results

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Online via Microsoft Teams
Chaoyang District, China
Monday, Mar 2nd (2 PM - 3 PM)

The American Ball 2020 - Totally Awesome 80’s

The American Ball 2020

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China World Hotel, Beijing
Beijing, China
Saturday, May 23rd (5:30 PM)
No. 1 Jianguomen Outer Street
AmCham China Memberships

AmCham China offers two basic membership types: One for companies and another for individuals who are ineligible for corporate membership. The requirements for each kind of membership are shown below.

Click here for details of AmCham China membership benefits.
  • Corporate
    Corporate membership is open to any company with an overseas registration, whether or not they have operations in China. The category of membership is determined by the global revenues of the company.
  • Individual
    Individual membership is open only to US citizens who are not employed by a company eligible for US corporate or corporate associate membership.
  • SD-CM
    Price:RMB 12,800 / 12 months