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Detalles del Evento

This event will be conducted in Chinese. 该活动语言为中文。

AmCham China, Tianjin, in conjunction with the European Chamber and German Chamber in Tianjin, invite you on March 30th for a seminar on the Public Security Bureau’s new residency policies. In order to further respond to the “State Council’s Measures to more actively utilize Foreign Capital in Opening Up to the Outside World, in 2017 Tianjin Municipal Government passed the “Ideas on Actively Utilizing Foreign Capital in Opening Up to the Outside World.”

A significant portion of this law is dedicated to explaining the “Attracting High-Level Foreign Talent and Entrepreneurship Policy,” which aims to attract foreigners who hold long-term residency permits and seek to start tech companies. This policy helps to ensure that foreign companies in Tianjin receive equal treatment with their domestic counterparts and assists high-level talent and their families in applying for long-term residency in China. Success entails increasing the scope of long-term residency permit issuance, allowing high-level foreign talent and their families to apply for multiple-entry visas within a limited timeframe.

These innovative residency provisions not only benefit foreign talent, overseas Chinese, and other groups, but in turn drive regional economic development, attract entrepreneurial talent, and help produce a moderately prosperous society.

During this seminar, Chief of Tianjin’s Public Security Bureau, along with government experts in managing foreign ventures and staff will explain the following and answer related questions:

1. An Explanation of Public Security Bureau services and responsibilities:
- Ministry of Public Safety’s new policies for developing services in Tianijn
- Punishments and fines for illegal behavior most commonly perpetrated by foreigners
- Section Chief of Public Security Bureau’s foreign enterprises and staff explains immigration services

2. Policies for the innovative development of Tianjin’s long-term residency policies
- Brief regarding “Green Cards”
- Review of new and old policies
- Guide to new policies
- Reuniting spouses for long-term residency



30 mins

Registration and Networking


15 mins

Opening Remarks from Vice Director of Tianjin’s Public Security Bureau and Chairmen of the respective chambers of commerce


45 mins

Policy Briefing by Section Chief of Tianjin’s Public Security Bureau’s Foreign Enterprises and Staff Department





  • CP

    Chief of Public Security Bureau

  • ST

    Section Chief of Tianjin’s Public Security Bureau’s foreign enterprises and staff

  • VT

    Vice Section Chief of Tianjin’s Public Security Bureau’s foreign enterprises and staff

  • MW

    Martin Winchell

    Chairman, The American Chamber of Commerce in China, Tianjin

  • CK

    Christoph Kaiser

    Vice President of the Board of Directors of the German Chamber of Commerce, the North China Chapter

  • YC

    Yup Fan Cheung

    Board Member, European Chamber of Commerce in Tianjin


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Employees of Member Companies
Precio normal RMB 200
Precio en la puerta RMB 200
Precio normal RMB 300
Precio en la puerta RMB 300