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US-China trade disputes are showing no signs of slowing down, as the Trump administration has decided to follow through with the second tranche of the initial $50 billion of tariffs under Section 301 and the Chinese government is pledging a response.

Nevertheless, companies have options and can respond or adjust operations to mitigate the impact of tariffs. At our last event on US and China Customs and Tariff Regulatory updates, experts discussed different potential solutions including, minor alterations in global supply chains, changing the Country of Origin designation on products, and/or reclassifying products by changing the Harmonized System (HS) code.

While these strategies might help companies avoid some of the tariffs, there might be some associated compliance risks.

  • What is the evolution and current state of the trade and tariffs dispute?
  • What strategies could companies consider that might raise compliance concerns?
  • How can companies best ensure compliance with the law as tariffs continue to be implemented?

Join experts from AmCham China's Compliance Committee and Legal Committee for answers to these and other questions.

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