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Negotiating Success through Creating Value

This course aims to develop a strategic mindset of negotiation and is highly practical rather than theoretical. It is built around real case studies drawn from real examples in countries around the world. It focuses on the "how and why" a particular negotiation succeeded, or failed.

This course covers a range of practical skills in negotiations:
  • Adding value – how to explore and capitalize on value
  • Avoiding Negative value – how to recognize and avoid negative value
  • Managing expectations – how to choose your area of negotiation
  • Preparing – how to find out what you don't know
  • Setting goals – how to set goal and limits
  • Developing power – how to think and plan ahead
  • Controlling timing – how to use "time-outs" to enhance negotiation
  • Closing a deal – how to use a simple approach
  • Walking away – how to recognize when to walk away

If you need to build negotiation ability, this course is for you.
This course will be conducted in English.

The Details

This course covers the following sessions and topics:
Morning – Exploring Value
  • Preparation is power – finding out what you don't know
  • Setting goals and limits
  • Five Types of Negotiators
  • High Added Value can be High Risk – without preparation         
  • Beware of Value which is ‘Too Good to be True’ – with no preparation at all      
Afternoon - Pressure, Risk, Compromise and Closing
  • Applying Pressure
  • Setting Goals and Limits and the Use of External Power
  • Evaluating Risk - Walking Away
  • Exploring an Undeclared Topic – Calling ‘Time Out’
  • Compromise
  • Investigating ‘What-if’ Questions - Avoiding Negative Value       
  • Keeping Things Simple
  • Six Key Skills of a Good Negotiator
Training Methods
1.     Example analysis - Participants will analyze, under the guidance of the trainer, both good and bad examples of negotiations to discover and understand certain principles and skills.
2.     Experience Sharing - Participants will learn a set of well-summarized negotiation tips and skills.
3.     Role-plays and case studies - Participants will apply the principles they have learned to role-play cases.

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8:45 AM

15 mins


9 AM

180 mins

Morning Session

12 PM

60 mins

Lunch Break

1 PM

5 PM

Afternoon Session



Employee of Member Company

Please register and pay before August 9, 2017.

RMB 2,000

Please register and pay before August 9, 2017.

RMB 2,500

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