Are you maximizing your impact as a leader? Find out with Em Roblin, the award-winning entrepreneur and trainer who has been inspiring women professionals across Asia for almost a decade.

Leading teams, driving change, exceeding targets and working around the clock are standard practices as leaders. Adding to the pressure to be successful in career, many women face huge expectations in their home life too. Striving to balance priorities and demands can make a woman feel stuck, even while she knows she’s capable of so much more. In this fast-paced world, we rarely have time to reflect on what’s important, what we’ve learned so far, and map out where we want to go next, let alone pause to consider our roles as models and mentors to aspiring leaders.

Why you need this training: You'll be developing your leadership skills with one of the most pre-eminent trainers in Beijing, Em Roblin, guest lecturer at several notable universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University, and winner of the Ernst & Young Women in Business Inspiration Leadership Award in 2011. She will help you to better understand the six most common barriers women are facing to have the impact they are capable of, thereby increasing your confidence as a leader with impact. We encourage all professional women from all industries and backgrounds to join this workshop to develop to their careers.
This course will be conducted in English.

The Details

Course Outline:
– Understand the six most common barriers women are facing to have the impact they are capable of
– Increase awareness on what’s holding you back both internally and externally
– Gain clarity about how to have a bigger, more meaningful impact
– Increase confidence on the inside and out
– Be more agile learners that lean in to change
– Channel energy and priorities effectively
– Redefine balance to feel empowered across all parts of life
– Understand that you’re are not alone and create the space for deeper connection and trust between women


Feedback from Participants

  • There were many attractive and practical tips and feasible guidance. (@Black & Veatch)
  • I like the role-play games and there were a lot of specific suggestions from Em, very helpful. (@Hogan lovells)


8:45 AM

15 mins


9 AM

180 mins

Morning Session

12 PM

60 mins

Lunch Break

1 PM

5 PM

Afternoon Session



Employee of Member Company

Please register and pay before August 10, 2017

RMB 2,650

Please register and pay before August 10, 2017

RMB 2,996

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