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大数据时代,企业的营销观念、决策方式将发生深刻改变;产业互联网时代,B2B企业如何通过移动端进行获客和变现呢? 企业在营销过程中,多达90%的MQLs(有效的销售线索)并没有最终转化为企业的目标客户。提升销售线索的转化率是帮助市场人员快速提升营销ROI的重要功课。营销自动化,已经成为大数据时代下,CMO们提高营销ROI的绝对营销利器;世界500强的B2B企业超过25%已经启用自动化营销,世界上最大的SaaS公司76%也展开自动化营销。使用了营销自动化对销售线索进行计分和培育的一流企业,销售管线中的40%直接由营销销售线索产生。来自致趣百川的营销专家将带领我们走进营销自动化,解读企业用33%的低成本创造50%的销售线索的关键因素所在。

Profoundly changes will take place in marketing concepts and decision-making methods of enterprises in the era of big data. In the era of industrial Internet, how can B2B enterprises get customers and cash out via mobile end? In the marketing process, up to 90% of the MQLs (marketing qualified lead) do not eventually translate into the target customers. Improving the conversion rate of sales leads is an important lesson to help marketers quickly improve their marketing ROI. Marketing automation has become the absolute solution of surge marketing ROI for CMOs in the era of big data.

1. 移动互联网时代,B2B企业所面临的数字化营销挑战及营销趋势;
2. 如何通过营销自动化的开展, 解决B2B企业多渠道获客、以及对客户的培育与转化问题;
Ø 如何识别出哪部分流量/粉丝中最有可能产生潜在客户
Ø 如何根据潜在客户在认知/考虑/偏好等不同阶段制定不同的内容营销策略
Ø 如何降低会议营销成本,并提高线上会议(webinar)的ROI
Ø 百度搜索线索的转化率低,有什么解决办法没有?
Ø 如何参考国际公司的线索打分leads scoring,提高线索转化
Ø 如何做好市场销售协同,提高线索质量
3. 案例分析

1. Digital marketing challenges and trends that B2B companies faced in the Mobile Internet era.
2. How to Integrate Marketing Automation with Business Development, to solve the leads generation from multi-channel, the leads nurturing and leads conversion;
-How to identify which part of the channel / fans are most likely to generate potential customers;
-How to make different content strategies based on different stages of awareness / consideration / preference;
-How to reduce conference marketing costs and improve the ROI of webinar;
-How to solve the low conversion rate of the lead-to-sales from BAIDU;
-How to refer to leads scoring of international companies, improve the leads conversion;
-How to make the teamwork of market and sale, improve the quality of leads;
3. Case study
-How does marketing automation help Unilever B2B business to achieve the world's largest growth rate;
-How to use the marketing automation for customer acquisition in Microsoft China and SAP China;
- ICBC how to finish fans within 4 weeks from 0 to 10 million growth?

BesChannels, through SCRM marketing automation to improve market performance, the predecessor was Standard SCRM software department of social-touch. BesChannels has served, including Microsoft, Tencent, SAP, Yonyou, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, FAW-Volkswagen, Such as more than 100 large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad, covering the B2B industry, financial industry, automobile industry, education industry, medical industry, new retail, etc.


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Registration and Welcome Coffee

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Welcome remarks, America Chamber Representative

3:05 PM

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Presentation by Run He, CEO of BesChanels

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Presentation by Davis Pang, Co-founder&COO of BesChannels

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Panel discussion and Q&A



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