This course will be delivered in Chinese. 此次活动语言为中文。

The restructuring of the industrial sector has caused certain companies to face increased challenges in human resource management. Issues in recruitment, transfers, competence, and contract withdrawals are only increasing and becoming more complicated. Is it possible to reduce labor costs and risks without violating labor laws? In addition, are typical precautionary employment and conflict-resolution skills enough to effectively respond to various labor disputes?

Professional labor law lawyer Mr. Xu Yongge and his expert team from Tianjin Gongrong Law Firm (also known as Sino-Credit Laws Firm.) have prepared various courses on labor laws and human resource management, and help novices become experts in the ‘knowledge system of labor law.’

Deep analysis of real-life case-studies will help participants understand the strategies for risk-management. These classes are designed to make senior HR managers more informed and effective. Corporate management will also learn how to establish positive employee relations while mitigating disputes and conflicts. These courses are sure to help corporations operate more proficiently on every level.



•Rules and Regulations, Risk Prevention, and Essential Legal Guidelines to Writing an Employee Handbook.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines for Closing labor contracts.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines in Probationary Management.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines for Performance. Management and Salary/Position adjustment.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines for Violations Management.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines for Overtime, Working Hours and Leave Management.
•Risk Prevention and Essential Legal Guidelines Points for Labor Contract Modification and Termination.

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Non-member: 2980RMB/2 days/per person

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