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Course objectives

Most successful business meetings, outside the office, are conducted at a restaurant. Furthermore, a person’s table manners (or lack thereof) may be a deciding factor in securing a signed contract.

This program shows you how to polish your dinner party protocol and skillfully overcome anxiety while dining with potential employers or clients.

Despite the various cultural differences, there is a broad agreement across the world about table manners.

English people use a knife and fork one way, Americans cut their food and use their fork another, Africans and Arabs use their fingers, etc ... all traditional cultures, but difficult when traveling abroad.

The objective of learning international table manners is to be at ease when you cannot use your own method when in another country.

Table manners doesn't just mean how to hold a knife or fork but how to converse and with whom, thank serving staff verbally, when you can leave the table, what to do during speeches and much more.

Go to dinner with your boss, a business client and be at ease! To be at ease means, that you no longer need to think about your manners, you just focus on speeches and business matter.

Lunch will be provided at Café Flo Sanlitun (福楼咖啡三里屯店).


  •      Reception and social hours
  •      Host and Guest Duties
  •      Ordering and being served
  •      Use of Silverware
  •      Place Setting
  •      Body Language at the Table
  •      Handling Accidents
  •      Napkin Etiquette & Seating Etiquette
  •      Eating Various Foods
  •      Toasting
  •      Wine Etiquette 
  •      Tipping 
  •      English, American and Continental Styles of Eating
  •      The Dos and Don’ts of Dining


11 AM

11:30 AM


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12 PM


12 PM

2 PM




Employee of Member Company

Please register and pay before December 21, 2017

RMB 1,000

Please register and pay before December 21 2017

RMB 1,200

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