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The US-China trade dispute continues to escalate as the US $34 billion tariffs went into effect last Friday with a 25 percent import tax applied on 818 products. In response, China announced a similar tariff in response later that day.

On the same day, the USTR also announced a process to obtain product exclusions from the additional tariffs on certain products. More information about USTR Exclusion Process, please refer to: US & CN Tariff Product Code Lists and How to Apply for US Tariffs Exclusions

  • How would US companies react to the foreseeable increase in cost in its global supply chain & sourcing?
  • How would US companies protect themselves in facing the potential challenges and delay in customs processing procedures?
  • How would US companies better leverage the USTR exclusion process to gain exemption for its products from the additional duties?

To better answer those operational questions for members, AmCham is hosting a workshop on Tuesday, July 17. We would like to bring operational service providers in the areas of customs & trade, supply chain & sourcing, and legal together with corporate members who have questions and services needs.

Experts from each of the above area will share their insights on "what a company should do", before a free match-making session where corporate members can talk with different service providers about suggestions and advice.

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15 mins


3 PM

5 mins

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55 mins

Experts Sharing

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4:55 PM

Free match-making session


  • 田舒 (合伙人 at 安永)


    合伙人 at 安永

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  • Lou Zhou (Procurement Transformation Senior Director at SAP Ariba)

    Lou Zhou

    Procurement Transformation Senior Director at SAP Ariba

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  • Jane Zhang (President at DaoHe Consulting)

    Jane Zhang

    President at DaoHe Consulting

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  • Yan Luo (Special Counsel at Covington & Burling LLP)

    Yan Luo

    Special Counsel at Covington & Burling LLP

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