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An experience-based training series for the modern international executive, featuring an in-depth study of contemporary thinking on finance and business management. This series includes four unique half-day talks where we examine salient attributes, insights, and tips that drive and deliver results with a singular focus on the value creation inherent in mindful and astute execution of our business mission. We will also analyze these topics and techniques in the context of the China workplace, citing real-life experiences throughout the lectures.

Through these talks the executive will acquire a powerful set of practical skills to effectively and readily measure results, improve execution, and achieve strategy.

Course One: Modern Planning for Executives - The Ultimate Management Tool

Turn a periodic necessity into a powerful tool to unite your organization, converge efforts and drive performance, and thereby successfully leading your team to achieve its strategic goals

The average corporation spends four to six months and 20-30 percent of senior managers' time on the budgeting. In 2003, the Hackett Group found that the average billion-dollar company spent as many as 25,000 person-days per billion dollars of revenue putting together the annual budget.

"The days of the eloquent variance explanations are over." What management wants and expects are results which meet targets.

So how do we thoughtfully, conscientiously and accurately prepare our plans and routinely update them to hit the target, to add value to the organization and, importantly, to receive buy-in from BOD, seniors and colleagues. We explore these and other pertinent topics as we focus on planning and business performance.

Whether you are CEO, Business Manager or CFO, budgeting and forecasting offer a golden opportunity to prioritize strategy, to better understand the organization and it functions, to empower officers to direct and own their performance, and to make conscious refinements, readily adapting to market conditions and operational realities. With this knowledge you can properly plan and mindfully navigate execution through today's turbulent economic realities.

We examine techniques to turn this process into a highly valuable, relevant and impactful experience for the entire business. Moreover, we reflect on the value of performance data, how to bring the data to life and make them useful and personal. We will discuss inherent difficulties and pitfalls, and how to maneuver through them.

The take-aways of this session include ways to view budgeting/forecasting from a fresh perspective, to inject energy into the process, to actively engage stakeholders, and to focus on untapped positive outcomes. From the outset we will actively engage the participants so that we achieve your goals as we proceed through our "conversation" together. Q&A will be prevalent throughout the session.

Course 2: Corporate Governance - Levers of Control & Accountability

January 18, 2019 (tentative date)

We take an in-depth look into techniques to effectively safeguard and control the assets and operations of an organization in line with its strategy. Moreover, we focus on how to clearly and succinctly defend the completeness and correctness of the enterprise's roadmap and to successfully comply with its mandate.

Course 3: Management of Financial Teams & Talent

March 15, 2019 (tentative date)

Teams win. The creation of a strong and lasting team begins with Identifying appropriate finance candidates, developing their skills and retaining them. These same attributes apply to any and all departments within a corporate setting. We highlight key approaches to fostering a collaborative, spirited environment, and a powerhouse finance team

Course 4: Financial Reporting

April 12, 2019 (tentative date)

An executive-level view of what is truly important in the daily execution of the enterprise's finance functions and of what to access in order to have properly and quickly assess results and operational performance.


8:15 AM

8:30 AM


8:30 AM

11:30 AM

Training Program
8:30 Greeting & Introduction—Basis for a relevant and personal session
9:00 Strategy—Goals that are focused and aligned
9:30 Budgeting/Forecasting—The nuts and bolts, and more
10:30 Opportunities & Limitations—Finding value while minimizing costs
11:00 Performance--Financial and non-financial results and “storytelling”
11:30 Summary & Take-Aways



Employee of Member Company

Ticket for Course One - Modern Planning for Executives. Please register and pay by November 30, 2018

RMB 1,300

Ticket for Course One - Modern Planning for Executives. Please register and pay by November 30, 2018

RMB 1,500

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