AmCham China, Tianjin will be hosting a series of events on May 23 to help members find more opportunities in Tianjin and make the connections needed to succeed. The activities include the delivery meeting for our annual White Paper and the 2019 Tianjin Government Appreciation Reception featuring Tianjin's identity as a hub for business and culture.

The White Paper is one of AmCham China's signature products and codifies members' collective insights on China's current business climate while setting our official position on the high-priority issues that affect the American business community in China. It also serves as a year-on-year assessment of the progress made on policies and regulations affecting our members in 20 industries and is a key platform for discussion and engagement with the Chinese and US governments.

As we celebrate 100 years of dedicated advocation for American businesses in China, AmCham China would like to celebrate some of the behind-the-scenes heroes - those remarkable stories of members who have contributed greatly to China's modernization and deepened US commitments to the people of China through leadership forums on talent, women, CSR activities, and to AmCham China itself by launching governance reform to effect change and create a more engaging platform for our members. Together, we invite you to look to the future to see how

AmCham China can continue to advance US-China bilateral relations for the next 100 years to come.

The delivery meeting and reception is the Tianjin chapter's signature event and represents the chance to create meaningful dialogue with the Tianjin Government as well as other key stakeholders important to us.

Key highlights

  • VIP meeting with Tianjin Vice Mayor (only open for sponsors and invited guests)
  • Invitation to U.S. Ambassador to attend (subject to confirmation)
  • AmCham China Chairman Tim Stratford and other members of the AmCham Board of Governors
  • Release of the Annual White Paper to various government entities and local members

Sponsorship Opportunities

Exclusive Platinum Sponsor: RMB 50, 000 -- Limited to one company

Golden Sponsor: RMB 25, 000 -- Limited to five companies

Silver Sponsor: RMB 12, 000

Wall of Fame Sponsor: RMB 5, 000

Individual Tickets

Cardholding members (pay in advance): RMB 600

Cardholding members (door price): RMB 700

Employees of member companies: RMB 700

Non-member: RMB 1,100

*Due to high demand, tables cannot be booked unless you are Exclusive Platinum / Golden /Silver or Wall of Fame sponsors.

For more information, please contact Amanda He at (+86 22) 2318-5072 or email amandahe@amchamchina.org



AmCham Cardholder
Member Price RMB 600
Member Price (Pay at the door) RMB 700
Employee of Member Company
Standard Price RMB 700
Door Price RMB 700
Standard Price RMB 1,100
Door Price RMB 1,100