A leadership and management training: The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership. This course will be delivered in Chinese.


我们向您推荐卓越领导四大天职, 一套适用于所有领导者的成功模式。

即使在最为变化莫测的时期,领导者也扮演着四个对成功具有高度预测作用的角色,这些称为天职,领导者在管理自己和团队的过程中, 如果能有意识地与这些角色保持一致,就可以奠定高效能领导力的基础。


  1. 激发信任:成为让别人愿意追随的值得信赖的领导者,品格和能力兼备。
  2. 创建愿景:明确定义团队的发展目标以及实现方法。
  3. 执行战略:采用系统化的流程,与他人一起或通过他人持续达成目标。
  4. 辅导潜能:激发团队中每个人的能力,从而提高绩效、解决问题并取得职业发展。


  • 刚刚晋升中高层领导角色,正在努力争取实现新的更高目标的领导者。
  • 经验丰富的中高层领导者,但不具备在未来三到五年、甚至更长的时间内仍然保持成功所需的思维和技能。


  • 一套实现领导力提升简单实用的模式。
  • 实践课,让领导者有机会在实际工作中与团队一起实现他们的想法。
  • 多种学习形式(现场、在线、按需)。



  1. 高瞻远瞩,快速适应。
  2. 将策略转化为有意义的工作。
  3. 用教练式辅导帮助员工提高绩效。



  1. 360 评估或自我评估
  2. 学员手册
  3. 实践计划
  4. 按需模块


  • Aug 15, 2019

  • Aug 16, 2019

8:45 AM - 9 AM
9 AM - 12 PM
Morning Session
12 PM - 1 PM
Lunch break
1 PM - 5 PM
Afternoon Session


  • Tony Ji

    Tony Ji

    Mr. Ji previously worked at SmithKline, Xian Janssen, Daiichi Pharmaceutical, Jiuzhitang, Novo Nordisk, Sinotrac Consulting, LangZhi Group, and other enterprises, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in training and consulting related to sales, sales management and leadership.
    Mr. Ji’s teaching has a unique charm, which is composed but passionate and filled with innovation. He is an expert in combining theory and practical insights for better learning outcomes. Through his own experience and selective case studies, he trains his participants on how to focus on strategic
    goals at work.
    He is good at building rapport with his students through his interactive activities and creates an effective leaning environment. Mr. Ji has 20 years of experiences at large Multi-National Corporation’s sales, sales management, and corporate leadership training and consulting. In particular, he has rich experience in project development, design, training and consulting in the financial, IT, petrochemical, telecommunications and pharmaceutical fields.

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Please register and pay before April 3.

Standard Price RMB 7,500

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