The Tariff Commission of China State Council has launched a Pilot Program for Excluding Certain Eligible Products from Tariff Hikes against the United States on May 13, 2019. Based on applications filed by interested parties, certain eligible products can be excluded from the scope of tariff hikes against the United States, to which exclusion measures such as suspending tariff hikes, and returning the tariff collected for those qualified for tariff refund. The application for the products for exclusion was accepted from June 3, 2019. Since this is the first time that China has launched such a program, the regulation is not fully transparent at this time.

We are honored to have Eric Zhou, Lead Partner of Trade and Customs Practice, KPMG China and Senior Partner of KPMG Tianjin Office, join our upcoming breakfast briefing at the Shangri-la Hotel Tianjin on Thursday, August 15. He will share his insight on the progress and procedures of exclusion application, field questions from attendees, discuss considerations from an enterprise perspective, etc.

Eric's Briefing Topics

  • US-China trade conflict - background and progress
  • Introduction to the categories of products eligible for exclusion
  • Discussion of the procedures of exclusion application
  • FAQs in the process of exclusion application


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7:15 AM - 7:30 AM
Registration and networking
7:30 AM - 9 AM
Breakfast with presentation


  • Eric Zhou (Lead Partner of Trade and Customs Practice, KPMG China and Senior Partner of KPMG Tianjin Office)

    Eric Zhou

    Lead Partner of Trade and Customs Practice, KPMG China and Senior Partner of KPMG Tianjin Office

    Eric Zhou had worked with China Customs on price valuation, goods classification and Customs audit for approximately 9 years before he joined KPMG China in 2004. He understands Customs regulations, practical operations and existing problems in forms of Customs valuation/TP, royalties, HS code classification, tax administration and tariff exemption. During his work in Customs, he joined the special investigation organized by GAC for a few times and built up good relationship with GAC.
    After joining KPMG, Eric has been devoting himself continuously to tax advisory, Customs advisory and TP services in relation to multi-national companies. Eric is the head of Trade and Customs team in KPMG China.
    Eric is very familiar with electronics, pharmaceutical, machinery and automotive industry, and has possessed extensive experience. He provides professional services to various multi-national and large-scale clients all around China, such as TP service, royalty defence, Customs advisory, etc.. Eric Zhou has multi-perspective views with comprehensive analysis ability.

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