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This course will be conducted in Chinese.

Promoting cooperation across different departments can sometimes lead to poor communication and negative emotions in employees. If managers and corporate leaders are unable to recognize how and when these situations might arise, it can harm work efficiency and employee relationships.

The mounting pressures from daily life, family, personal issues, and work can lead to difficulties in the workplace with employees controlling their emotions. It is important to recognize the harmful effects these outbursts can have on our colleagues and family. If leaders in the workplace are unable to promote positive emotions and communicate effectively, businesses and organizations will suffer.

Luckily, we have the solution. The upcoming program “Team Emotion Management,” based on the bestseller "Being Positive: Managing Emotions before Dealing with Problems," was written by the well-respected and renowned trainer Mingwei Wang. This program will not only help in managing your own emotions, but will consequently help you better understand and connect with colleagues, team members, and family in a refreshing and healthy fashion.

After this program, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to take back control of your life, turn negative emotions into positive ones and breathe new life into your personal and professional relationships.

The Course Will Bring You:
  • Access to videos produced by professional directors and actors, to help you better understand how to effectively manage your emotions at work;
  • Practical tools for managing emotions to help you take control;
  • Simulations and personal feedback from trainer Mingwei Wang, providing an in-depth understanding of how to manage your emotions and;
  • The chance to win a free personalized autographed copy of “Being Positive.”

The Course Will Contain
  • Data Analysis: How do emotions impact your team?
  • Where do our emotions come from?
  • Tools for emotional analysis
  • Analysis of the most notorious examples of emotions in real life
  • How to manage emotions?
  • Learning and using the acclaimed 4A Model of Emotions

Who Will Largely Benefit from this Course?
  • Human-Resources Personnel
  • People who Rely on Cooperation and Communication to Succeed in the Workplace
  • Project Managers and Team Managers

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9:45 AM

10 AM


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2-hour demo class




Attendees need to pay by Feb. 21, 2017.

RMB 150
Cardholding Members & Employees of Member Companies (Sold Out)

Please register online before Feb.21,2017.