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This course will be conducted in English

This course is based on the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, regarded as one of the most influential management books ever published. As a dominant thinker in the US academia, Dr. Stephen Covey was nominated as one of 25 most influential figures and was granted an audience with the US former President Obama. He was also one of former president Clinton's advisers and was hailed as one of the most forward-thinking management thinkers by The Economist.

Renowned as the world's premier personal leadership development solution, the new 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Edition 4.0 aligns timeless principles of effectiveness with modern technology and practices.

No matter how competent a person is, he or she will not have sustained and lasting success unless they are able to effectively lead themselves, influence, engage and collaborate with others, and continually improve and renew their capabilities. These elements are at the heart of personal, team, and organizational effectiveness.

Why you need this training: You will become familiar with the most important theories in modern management and how to apply them to your work in China. By better understanding yourself and those around you, you will become a more effective and inspiring leader.

If you are a director, manager, supervisor, or general staff who wishes to improve their influence and leadership, this course is for you.

The Details

Course Objectives:
  • Assess paradigms and align to principles of effectiveness.
  • Assume responsibility, focus, and act on what can be controlled and influenced, instead of what can’t.
  • Define clear measures of success and create a plan to achieve them for both life and work.
  • Prioritize and achieve the most important goals instead of constantly reacting to urgencies.
  • Collaborate more effectively with others by building high-trust relationships of mutual benefit.
  • Influence others by developing a deep understanding of their needs and perspectives.
  • Develop innovative solutions that leverage diversity and satisfy all key stakeholders.
  • Increase motivation, energy, and work/life balance by making time for renewal activities.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People® Signature Edition 4.0 develops leadership effectiveness at three levels:

  • Develop increased maturity, greater productivity and the ability to manage one’s self.
  • Execute critical priorities with laser-like focus and careful planning.

  • Increase team engagement, morale, and collaboration.
  • Improve communication skills and strengthen relationships.

  • Create a framework for developing core values and creating a highly effective culture.
  • Develop current and high-potential leaders who model both character and competence.

Feedback from Participants

  • 《高效能人士的七个习惯》在中国移动有着非凡的影响力,它推动了企业文化的建设,影响和改变了员工的个人领导力和组织领导力。它使我们的团队充满着激情和澎湃的动力。(徐达 上海移动 董事长)
  • 好的习惯是成功的基石,也是通往成功的路径和打开成功之门的钥匙。七个习惯课程值得学习,更应该用以实践。(许志瑜 中国投资有限责任公司)
  • 复杂的问题只能靠复杂的系统来解决吗?高手都喜欢“化繁为简”,一定有某种规律和原则在那里,找到的人将不再迷茫、疲惫。愿《高效能人士的七个习惯》与我们常在!(马成功 乐视 乐视大学副校长)
  • 《高效能人士的七个习惯》这门课程在我们的管理人员中引起了极大的反响。在新的挑战中,每个人都需要秉承原则,由内而外地发挥自己的影响力,从而使组织发挥最大的效能。(冯丽英 中国建设银行 养老金业务部总经理)


  • Jun 21, 2017

  • Jun 22, 2017

8:45 AM - 9 AM
9 AM - 12 PM
Morning Session
12 PM - 1 PM
Lunch Break
1 PM - 5 PM
Afternoon Session


  • Shiv Kumar

    Shiv Kumar

    Shiv has 17 years of experience in developing and providing training programs in China. His past experience includes being the General Manager at India Business Unit of Foton Motors and a Senior Trainer at Berlitz, Cartus and Intellect Associates.
    He has been a certified leadership and cross-cultural facilitator for many years. Based on his rich experience in collaborating with the leaders at multinational and local companies in China, he customizes his training with
    practical examples, case studies and useful information to make learning more effective and lasting.
    Having studied and worked in India, Australia, Russia and China, Shiv has developed a deep understanding of cultural differences and effective crosscultural communication.
    Shiv is an enthusiastic public speaker and his facilitation style is vivid and interactive with a touch of humor. He is an expert in delivering tailored solutions to meet clients’ needs.
    Shiv has carried out training and consulting programs at many multinational and local enterprises, which include: Caterpillar, Google, Novartis, Pfizer,IBM, Mars, Microsoft, P&G, SAP, Ericsson, Thomson Reuters, Bayer, DSM,
    Conde Nast, Swire Properties, Volkswagen, Daimler, Volvo, Agilent, Broadcom, Xiaomi, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs.

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Employee of Member Company

Please register and pay before November 1.

Standard Price RMB 8,100

Please register and pay before November 1.

Standard Price RMB 8,500

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If you cannot attend a training for which you have registered, please cancel your registration no later than five business days prior to the training. If you fail to notify AmCham China of your cancellation in a timely fashion, you will be charged for training costs. To cancel you can cancel online if you registered for the training through the website. Your cooperation in this matter supports AmCham China in maintaining the quality of its trainings and is appreciated by your fellow members and the organization.


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