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Please note that this course will be conducted in English.

All of us are driven by an unconscious story we tell ourselves. Yet, very few are aware of how that story shapes our everyday interactions and affects how we feel about ourselves, others and our potential as leaders.

Through practices of mindfulness and narrative discovery, you will identify your current leadership story to understand what may be blocking you and become more aware of your natural power.

By discovering your storyline, we will work to re-author a story that unleashes your strengths, talents and flow to great leadership.


1:15 PM - 1:30 PM
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
Program Outline
1. Introduction: Discovering your leadership story2. Learn what your story is and how it's impacting your leadership.3. Discover how congruence can empower your work relationships and well-b...
1. Introduction: Discovering your leadership story
2. Learn what your story is and how it's impacting your leadership.
3. Discover how congruence can empower your work relationships and well-being
4. Deepen influence through mindfulness practice
5. Elevate relationships and expand your power
6. Create a congruent, mindful narrative toward your greatest leadership
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  • Claudia de Llano (Associate Consultant at BEARAPY)

    Claudia de Llano

    Associate Consultant at BEARAPY

    Claudia de Llano, M.A. is Bearapy's Associate Consultant. A guide of inner transformation and healing, she helps people find their way toward an awakening of inner strength and conscious being.

    Versed in various psychological theories, Claudia has helped individuals in clinical and business settings move through life challenges of personal growth, including partnership, career and personal development. Claudia’s approach is embedded in deep multicultural understanding and mind-body integration through a synthesis of holistic psychological and complimentary therapies. Believing that each individual is capable of tapping into his/her true nature, her passion is inspiring people to discover their own psychology, helping them to glean answers she believes already lie within.

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Please register and pay before Oct. 24.

Standard Price RMB 850

Please register and pay before Oct. 24.

Standard Price RMB 1,000

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