Please noted that this course will be conducted in Chinese.

Due to changes in the macro regulatory environment and recent major accidents in certain industries, new laws and regulations have become more frequent and stricter, and the supervision situation has become severe for enterprises, causing pressure and confusion for business operations and future development. Various issues related to government affairs have also followed, some may even develop into crises, causing harm and losses for enterprises.

This course is intended to help Government Affairs (GA) practitioners to better systematically sort out the professional working system, explore how to deal with crises related to government affairs, prepare adequately and share best practices and cases. Specifically, the program focuses on how to systematically deal with crises/ issues and government on-site inspections through building on basic capacities and effective communication with stakeholders to find the best solution.

Who Should Attend?

• GA associates and managers with GA related experience that want to have a systematic improvement of their skillsets.

• People who need to have a better understanding of how to systematically work for issue management and support business.

Course Outline:

1. Basic Concept

• Understand Chinese government structure and administration system

• What Are Government Affairs Crisis/ Issue?

• How about the regulatory and enforcement environment? How about the development trend in the future?

2. Systematic Crisis/ Issue Management

• What is the basic principle and systematic process to deal with the issue?

• How to establish a systematic and professional government issue management system based on the win-win solution?

3. Dealing with On-site Inspection

• What is the basic principle and systematic process to deal with the on-site inspection issue?

• What kind of potential scenarios could happen during the onsite inspection? How to assess the situation and deal with it?

Guest Dialogue: China-US Trade War Analysis

• Analyze the China-US Trade War and the direction of policy research from the perspective of Government Affairs

• Rethink the economic and trade relationship between China and US from the perspective of rooted differences between Chinese and Western cultures


8:45 AM

15 mins


9 AM

180 mins

Morning Session

12 PM

60 mins


1 PM

5 PM

Afternoon Session


  • Brent Yuan (Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates)

    Brent Yuan

    Partner and Senior Director of Yuan Associates

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