***Please note that this course will be conducted in Chinese.***

In order to adapt to the accelerated change in the future, enterprises have a high degree of flexibility and be able to make rapid decisions and responses, be able to respond to changes and quickly realize the optimal allocation of resources. "Leading high performance team" is to adapt to the future changes, according to the different stages of development of employees, to achieve the optimal allocation and maximum effectiveness of human resources.

Course Benefits:

  • Help leaders build different leadership styles
  • Help leaders integrate communication, listening, feedback, motivation, authorization and other management methods
  • Let leaders pay attention to the development status of employees and use appropriate management strategies in different situations
  • Establish a result oriented management concept, improve the skills and morale of members, and build a high-performance team

Main Content:

Part I: ilead online simulation(Pre-training)

(Online video learning and simulation, report collection and case study)

  • Brief introduction
  • ilead simulation guide video
  • Students submit reports and feedback questionnaire

(which employee do you put the most energy into? Simply analyze and summarize the characteristics of this employee)

Part II: Leadership style and management behavior

• 09:00~09:05 Brief introduction

• 09:05~09:25 Interpretation of simulation report

• 09:25~09:35 leaders and their challenges

• 09:35~09:45 Introduction of leaders and leadership styles

• 09:45~10:00 Employees type and adaptive leadership

• 10:00~10:20 Discussion: Psychological and behavioral characteristics of four kinds of employees

• 10:20~10:35 Analysis of four kinds of employees' characteristics and psychological motivation

• 10:35~10:50 Break

• 10:50~11:15 Key points of management instruction behavior(SMART-5W2H)

• 11:15~11:40 Key points of manager support behavior (listening + questioning)

• 11:40~12:00 GROW model

Part III: Adaptive leadership: Four kinds of employee management skills

• 13:00~13:10 Review

• 13:10~13:30 Discussion: What kind of employees do you think is the most difficult to manage and what management methods will you adopt?

• 13:30~13:45 The characteristics of first-entry staff and indicative management

• 13:45~14:00 Four steps of work guidance for managers

• 14:00~14:15 The characteristics of studying staff management and guiding management

• 14:15~14:30 Questioning skills of managers

• 14:30~14:45 Break

• 14:45~15:00 Characteristics of qualified employees and S3 participatory management

• 15:00~15:15 Maslow Herzberg incentive theory

• 15:15~15:35 The method and art of motivation

• 15:35~15:50 Characteristics of self-confident employees and S4 authorized management

• 15:50~16:05 Identification the of work which is suitable for authorization

• 16:05~16:20 Obligation, responsibility, and authority

• 16:20~16:50 Case discussion: Application of adaptive leadership

• 16:50~17:00 Q&A

***The registration will be closed on August 10th at 12:00 am. Registration is required and a Zoom code will be provided for successful registrants to access the training on August 10th around 17:00 pm. If you have any inquires about this training, please contact Melody Song msong@amchamchina.org or call 15242622051.


  • Aug 11, 2020

  • Aug 12, 2020

9:30 AM - 12 PM
Part I: ilead online simulation(Pre-training)


  • Tao Wu (Eddic)

    Tao Wu


    Certificated soft skills trainer by Schouten Netherlands; Cooperative trainer of Consultus company (Sweden); Certificated trainer by HROutfitter (US), TMA (UK), AMA (USA) successively;
    Served for China Petro, FESCO, Canon China, Schouten China, AMA successively;
    Assigned trainer of HP, Shell, BMW, Canon, Panasonic, TOYOTA, etc.;
    Assigned trainer of Beijing Olympic Committee, 2008;
    Graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago with Diploma of Master of Business Administration;

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