All AmCham China members with strong interest in Hainan and China's Free Trade Zone development (FTZ) are cordially invited to join a meeting with the Hainan Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA, 海南省外事办)on July 30, from 10AM to 12PM in Washington Room at AmCham China Sanlitun office.

Following the B.I.O. Trip to Hainan in May, AmCham China brings the island to members. A small delegation from Hainan DOFA, led by Deputy Director Zeng Xiaoming (曾晓明) , will brief members on the newest policy updates regarding Hainan FTZ and answer questions about doing business in Hainan. Other delegates also include representatives from Hainan Cultural Innovation & Tourism Industrial Park Group (海南文创旅游产业园集团).

This event will come at a great timing for members to discover potential investment opportunities in Hainan and engage with the local government as the Hainan FTZ policies take shape.

Since seating is limited, each member company is allowed to send no more than two representatives. Please sign up for the event by clicking "register" button above. If you have any questions, please contact cma@amchamchina.org.


  • Alan Beebe (President at AmCham China)

    Alan Beebe

    President at AmCham China

    Alan Beebe was appointed President of the American Chamber of Commerce in China on Mar. 14, 2016.

    Alan was an Executive Director based in Beijing, leading EY China’s Cleantech and Supply Chain and Operations (SC&O) practices. His clients include major global corporations, primarily diversified industrials and high-technology companies operating in China.

    Prior to joining EY, Alan held Executive positions with the China Greentech Initiative (CGTI), IBM, and management consulting firms AT Kearney and PRTM. He has twenty years of management consulting experience in the US, China and other Asian countries helping clients develop and implement sound business, operations and technology strategies. At EY China, he helps global clients transform their business models to drive new revenue opportunities and preserve profitability in China’s changing economic climate.

    From 2010 to 2013, Alan was a Managing Director with CGTI, a collaboration platform serving over 50 international energy and environmental companies. At CGTI, he led advisory services and strategic research across all major areas of energy and cleantech. In 2014, CGTI merged with the Paulson Institute, founded by Hank Paulson.

    Alan holds a Master’s degree from Yale University in International Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the United States. He is a Board of Advisor of the Yale Club of Beijing and in that capacity promotes academic and cultural exchanges between the United States and China. Alan has lived in China since 2002 and speaks Chinese fluently.

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  • Xiaoming Zeng (Deputy Director of Haina Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs)

    Xiaoming Zeng

    Deputy Director of Haina Provincial Department of Foreign Affairs




    1990.09–1994.08 外交学院英语系英语外交专业学习

    1994.08–1996.11 外经贸部美洲大洋洲司三处科员

    1996.11–1997.07 驻苏里南使馆经商处科员

    1997.07–1998.09 驻苏里南使馆经商处副主任科员

    1998.09–1999.08 驻加拿大使馆经商参处副主任科员

    1999.08–2000.12 驻加拿大使馆经商参处主任科员

    2000.12–2004.02 外经贸部、商务部美洲大洋洲司三处主任科员

    2004.02–2010.08 商务部美洲大洋洲司三处副处长(其间:2001.09–2004.12在对外经济贸易大学法学院国际法学习;2008.09–2009.09在英国伦敦政治经济学院法律系公司法和商法专业学习)

    2010.08–2011.02 商务部美洲大洋洲司三处一等商务秘书(正处级)

    2011.02–2015.07 驻纽约总领馆经商室一秘级领事(正处级)

    2015.07–2015.09 商务部美洲大洋洲司正处级干部

    2015.09–2019.01 商务部美洲大洋洲司三处一等商务秘书(正处级,其间:2018.07–2019.01在海南省旅游委挂职任旅游产业处处长)

    2019.01– 中共海南省委外事工作委员会办公室副主任,海南省外事办公室副主任(试用期一年)

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This event is for member companies only.

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AmCham China Washington Room

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Beijing, Chaoyang District, China

If you have any questions please contact Chloe Ma

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