"My mistake was based on the most common fallacy of corporate meritocracy: A talented performer will be just as effective in a managerial position." Donald O. Clifton, Gallup

Every year growing companies promote thousands of high performers to manager, and 75% of new leaders get stuck in the transition. Why? Because they continue doing what got them promoted even though it doesn't work. What they need are new skills and mindsets—the skills and mindsets of a leader, not expert.

In this training, participants learn the significant differences in skills, mindsets, and responsibilities of managers. A robust pipeline of high-level leaders begins with this first transition to manager.

You will learn:

  • The core manager skills, values, and mindsets
  • What stops people from managing well
  • How to develop the managers you supervise
  • Why learn this? Because:
  1. 75% get stuck in the transition to being a new manager.
  2. This is a key bottleneck for developing future leaders.
  3. Supervision skills affect everything in a company: quality, morale, expenses, profits, culture, etc.
  • What surprises new managers
  • Barriers to effective management
  • The biggest reasons staff do not do what they are supposed to do

Who should attend:

New managers, potential managers, and those who supervise managers will all be better equipped to bring out more from their direct reports.


  • Scott Shaw (Director of Coaching Services and Lead Trainer at LDi China)

    Scott Shaw

    Director of Coaching Services and Lead Trainer at LDi China

    Scott Shaw is the Director of Coaching Services and Lead Trainer with LDi as well as an Executive Coach certified with the International Coach Federation. His areas of training include LDi’s Leader As Coach workshop and Immunity To Change™ (developed by Harvard professors Drs. Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey). He has also developed the following LDi trainings: 1)From Individual Performer To Manager, 2)How Stress Can Help You, and 3)Upward, Downward, and Peer Communication.
    Scott has worked with LDi for fourteen years, serving first as teacher and director of LDi’s Changsha Language Training Center, then operating LDi’s Wuhan office. He has worked 20+ years in China and frequently trains in Chinese. He loves developing people, and his passion is to help leaders overcome internal barriers to growth and change. He is married and has three children, all born in China. His hobby is barbecuing various kinds of meat.

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  • Sophie Gu (Coach at LDi China)

    Sophie Gu

    Coach at LDi China

    Sophie Gu has worked for LDi for 10 years, beginning in the Changsha English Training Center and then helping open the Wuhan market as office manager, trainer, and coach.

    Over the past twenty years Sophie has had management experience in foreign companies, private Chinese companies, non-profits, and state-run enterprises. She also has experience in training and coaching, and has earned a Master of Arts in Leadership from Trinity Western University. Sophie regularly trains in soft skills, including LDi’s Leader As Coach workshop and communication. She also coaches a number of middle-level and senior managers. Sophie has a special passion for women leaders but enjoys helping everyone achieve their potential. Like hiking and making friends with book lovers.

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