The Challenge will be organized throughout September and October

and awards will be given on November 14th.

Now in its third year, TECC [Tianjin Environmental CSR Challenge/conference] is Tianjin's leading chamber organized environmental program. The TECC challenge is a platform for regional businesses to advance their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and practices. Participants not only work together on environmentally themed CSR activities but also educate others about their existing policies. Past challenges have improved environmental performances of participants in various areas, including water usage, energy usage, and overall carbon footprint.

The Challenge

Theme 2019: Reducing and reusing waste from the production or operations process.

Challenger companies are to organize a week long activity that will result in either a reduction of waste and or reuse of waste for a beneficial purpose.

They will take a pre-activity benchmark of an environmental indicator, in this case the volume of selected waste. They will then implement their plan over a week-long period. At the end of the week, they will take a new benchmark, and measure the effectiveness of their initiative. The results will be presented on the day of the TECC conference and awards.

*This is a part of the November 14's Manufacturing and Sustainability Committee event. Enterprises are encouraged to participate in the Challenge for FREE !


  • Introduction by Forum co-chair
  • Presentation by Winning Challenger
  • Roundtable discussion between all challengers to discuss their strategies developed for the challenge, and to share the insights gained in the process of implementation
  • Conclusion and awards

Challenge Guidelines and process

Waste Challenge

Participants will identify a waste stream in their facility that is currently not being put to beneficial use (recycling or re-purposing), and create an action plan to sort out the materials and develop an end user to take the materials for beneficial use.

An alternative option is to work with a supplier in reducing waste generated in the procurement or delivery process.

Benchmark would be volume of designated waste produced per week before challenge, and versus the % diverted or reduced through implementation of challenge.

All steps of the Challenge must be completed by November 8th

Results and presentation are to be submitted to AmCham China before the Awards in November.

The Challenge Process

  • Chose a focus area for the challenge
  • Submit proposal for approval
  • Create challenge action plan
  • Benchmark Period: 1 week (5 Business Days)
  • Challengers will create a set of benchmark readings of the targeted area for improvement
  • Begin implementation of Challenge program
  • Challenge Period: 1 week (5 Business Days)
  • Challengers will implement their plan, and measure the results throughout
  • Aggregation of Challenge Results and Data
  • Prepare materials for discussion during roundtable
  • If winner of challenge, presentation of process and results during the TECC Awards

For further queries on the TECC challenge or Manufacturing and Sustainability Committee event, please contact- Amanda He atamandahe@amchamchina.org or call 022-23185072.