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This course will be conducted in Chinese.


Corporate branding, marketing, and advertising are inseparable from copywriting. Copywriting is a core aspect of all marketing activities and brand-building. Even if it is based in pictures and video, highlighting the text is key. There are several types of external-facing marketing schemes that are commonly used by enterprises: advertising slogans, soft papers, press releases, corporate WeChat accounts, and statements from corporate leadership.


In the digital age, from forums and blogs, to Weibo and WeChat corporate accounts, the proliferation of methods to consume information has made corporate content ever more accessible to a wider audience, and more companies have achieved brand-building and sales targets through high-quality copywriting. Copywriting is a must-have capability for any marketing team.


More and more companies use WeChat corporate accounts as an important brand-building and communications channel with their audience. However, how to write high-quality WeChat articles, attractive titles, and how to typeset are increasingly important tasks.


This course will present success stories, practical skills, interactive on-site training, and share tips on all aspects of WeChat copywriting to help trainees quickly improve their copywriting capabilities.

I. Case Studies: Those Who Save the Business

1.1 Really sell public goods (B2C)

1.2 Public money & Financing (B2B)


II. The Fundamentals of Corporate WeChat copywriting: The difference between a 60 and 90.

2.1 The fundamental factors are absolutely necessary

2.2 The overall positioning and strategy should be clear

2.3 Creating standards allows for progression


 III. How to format your content:

3.1 Good Content fulfills a goal

3.2 Strong visions lead to strong plans

3.3 Plan like you're writing a screenplay

3.4 Commonly used planning techniques


IV. The core issue: How to create a creative Hook

4.1 Each article has a thesis sentence

4.2 Creating a great hook is key to drawing the eye.

4.3 A picture + a sentence = a good article

4.4 The more specificity the better


V. 10 Tips for Writing 100,000 characters + Titles

5.1 The headline determines whether an article will be opened

5.2 The headline conveys information, not gimmicks

5.3 Sensational headlines are beneath master copywriters

5.4 10 heading formulas

5.5 High frequency word banks


VI. tone and style: You are your consumer

6.1 Maintain consistency from beginning to end

6.2 Understand your audience and talk to them

6.3 Contextualized reading

6.4 Touch your readers' emotions

6.5 Perform like an actor

6.6 Commonly-used styles


VII. Content Composing: It is not impossible to write 1000 words in two hours

7.1 Overcoming "writing phobia"

7.2 The first task of an article is to tell a complete story

7.3 Writing with Americans: Top-heavy or -light

7.4 Continue writing with Americans: Simple and Affirmative

7.5 The Lost art of  good Chinese writing: "Snow on the Lake Pavilion" teaches us….

7.6 Elementary school shortcuts: "The central idea of ​​this section"

 7.7 Revision is the secret of every good writer


VIII. conversion rate: How to write content that prompts people to take action?

8.1 B2C's request for sales, B2B's request for attention

8.2 "Calls to Attention" and "Event Registrations" are very important

8.3 5 steps to "TAKE ACTION"

8.4 6 Skills inspire readers' desire to participate

8.5 3 Ways to Urge Readers TAKE ACTION

8.6 Don't be shy: The title of the event is the ad


IX. Those little things that fans interact with

9.1 How to design an automatic reply after following?

9.2 How to reply to reader's message?

9.3 How to ask fans to follow?


X. Typesetting is super important: This is an era of face

10.1 The layout of the corporate account needs to be appealing

10.2 The default visual design is the bottom line

10.3 A good picture = 10000 words

10.4 Stock photo gallery

10.5 Tips for starting and finishing



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180 mins

Morning Workshop


60 mins




Evening Workshop



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