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AmCham China would like to invite you to join a member-only briefing with China Development Research Foundation on how AmCham China member companies can participate in the China Development Forum Fall Summit (2018).

China Development Forum (CDF, 中国发展高层论坛)is China's most renowned business and development forum. It is dedicated to generating in-depth policy discussion on economic growth and social development. It serves as a platform for practical policy consultations between China's cabinet members, officials and heads of local governments, business leaders, and renowned academic scholars.

CDF has successfully held 19 annual sessions so far which are well recognized by delegates from international business and academic community. In order to enhance mutual trust and catalyze pragmatic cooperation between China and the international community the CDRF is initiating the CDF Fall Summit to accommodate a growing demand of taking part in the CDF. Multinationals interested in doing business in China are all welcome to participate. Whereas the CDF focuses on topics on the macro level and policy communication, the Fall Summit aims to create a more open and commercially-orientated exchange of ideas between government and business leaders to explore opportunities for greater collaboration.

The 40th anniversary of China's Reform and Opening-up Policy provides us with a great opportunity to take stock over how better connected the world has become over the last 4 decades. It also affords us the opportunity to look to the future and discuss innovative ideas and policies to further strengthen bonds between people and markets. With these trends in mind, President Xi has declared a New Era for China and a new chapter in China's development, one which focuses more on domestic consumption, rather than domestic production. This socioeconomic shift in China presents many opportunities for companies all over the world to engage with the Chinese people in new and exciting ways. The recent policy announcements on greater market access, better investment environment, enhanced intellectual property rights, and increasing imports all point to these structural trends and China's focus on greater collaboration with the world.

Therefore, the Fall Summit will focus on summarizing what the New Era means for China's development and interaction with the world in the wider context of China's Reform and Opening-up. Looking ahead, the Summit will give clear policy interpretations from the Chinese government in all areas of society in the new era of comprehensive reform. The Fall Summit will also reflect on the dynamics of global macro policies and economic shifts since this year's CDF in March to shed further light on the global economic prospects for the next few years.

*The event is in Chinese.

*The briefing only opens to AmCham China cardholding members and member company employees.









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