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By 2025, the Chinese government expects that the sports business will be worth north of USD800 B. In terms of market demand, a central focus of the sports industry is an ever-expanding middle class and a group of 400 M millennials. On the public side, society, of course, remains fascinated with gold medals at the Olympics.

Media is one of the main engines that drives investment in the sports industry. While streaming is disrupting conventional viewing habits in the west, some say that it is fast-tracking, discovering and re-invigorating sport viewership in China. And then such new distribution patterns are opening up opportunities for even more innovative production methods of sport properties as broadcasters try to attract and then keep their existing and new viewers.

The primary challenge for the American business community that wishes to take part in the China sports media industry through advertising, sponsorship, distribution or management is understanding a complex local rulebook of how to play the media game. The Sports Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in China aims to coach our members on the rules so they can play a better game. Please join us on the afternoon of 17 October, when we invite three leading experts who will help our members understand the current China sports media industry; navigate potential entry points and enhance current media plays.

Our distinguished panel is made up of

  • Mark Fischer, current CEO of Eastbridge Sports Management Ltd and formerly, founding MD of NBA China as well as EVP/MD of Ultimate Fighting Championship/Zuffa LLC;
  • Kent Dong, current agent for badminton superstar, Lin Dan and former executive of NBA China and Viva China Sports;
  • Chen Zhu, Investment Director at China Everbright with responsibility for sectors in technology, media and consumer as well as former GM of Strategy and Investment of Wanda Sports China.
  • Bryan Bachner, Co-Chair of the AmCham Sports Committee, Director of Beijing Institute of Technology Football Club and Investment Director of China Everbright will serve as moderator.



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