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The primary purpose of the WTO is to open trade for the benefit of all. However, the rising nationalism and protectionism around the globe, as well as current trade frictions between China and the US, have posed serious challenges to the multilateral trading system.

President Trump has recently threatened to leave the WTO while many member states, China in particular, have called for a reform.

To better help members understand the WTO system, its reform, and how trade frictions between China and the US mean for the multilateral trading system, AmCham China is delighted to organize a seminar with the Chairman of China Society for World Trade Organization Studies Mr. Sun Zhenyu, who served as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of China to the WTO from 2002 to 2010.

Chairman Sun will share his knowledge of China-US trade relations, the free trade agreement in China, the opportunities and challenges, and the direction and prospects of the WTO reform.

Please note that we do NOT accept on-site payment for this event, please register and arrange payment prior to the event. If you have any questions, please contact Bai Yang at ybai@amchamchina.org.



30 mins

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15 mins

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60 mins

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